Grouprise 3.3.0

Release date: 2021-05-19

Changes for users

Instant messaging (chat)

Instant messaging (chat) is now supported via Matrix.

Each group automatically gains two rooms (public and private). New published content is announced in these rooms. Rooms can be freely created by users. The matrix service is fully federated, thus it is possible to communicate with other Matrix users outside of the grouprise instance. Every user is free to configure an existing (external) Matrix user ID - otherwise a Matrix user ID is created within the grouprise instance.

The instant messaging support needs to be enabled by the administrators of the grouprise instance.

Registration captcha

  • A trivial (math-based and local) captcha needs to be solved during account registration.

Changes for administrators


  • A few strings used in grouprise are now translatable (via gettext). The emitted language depends on the default language configured in the user’s browser. A mixed-language visualization can be expected for users with English configured as the default browser language.

Hook scripts

  • It is now possible to react on certain events (for now: new group created) via a custom hook script (see HOOK_SCRIPT_PATHS).

Instant messaging (chat)

Administrators may choose to enable the Matrix integration of grouprise. All relevant requirements (e.g. a running matrix-synapse instance and an element-web frontend) are comfortably configured via provided deb packages. See the matrix-chat documentation for details.