Grouprise 3.2.0

Release date: 2021-04-19

Changes for users


  • Users may now disable all email-based notifications in their account settings.
  • Disabled notifications (per group for an account) are now respected even for threads, if the account participates.

Changes for administrators

Mail processing

  • The management command processincomingmessage is superseded by the new command import_mail_message.
  • The configuration setting MAILBOX_DELIVERED_TO_EMAIL is superseded by the setting COLLECTOR_MAILBOX_ADDRESS (for import_mail_message).
  • Retrieval of mails from an IMAP server is not supported anymore. The LMTP server provided by grouprise is the preferred alternative (with proper handling of CC and BCC addresses).

See mail setup for details.

Cron jobs

All previously required cron jobs (update_scores, update_index and importfeeds) were migrated to *huey* tasks. Thus these actions are now executed periodically by the *grouprise* service process (run_huey`). Cron jobs are not required anymore.

Huey storage (Redis / SQLite)

Previously the huey worker process used a local Redis server for storing its data. Since the huey worker is only rarely used, the storage was switched to a local SQLite database file by default in order to simplify deployment. The previous configuration can be kept by adding the following configuration directives to the grouprise settings file:

except NameError:
    HUEY = {}
HUEY['huey_class'] = 'huey.RedisHuey'

Upload filesize

The default upload filesize limit is now 10 MB (before: 0).