The Matrix-Commander is a simple bot for the Matrix protocol. You may invite the bot into a room and execute common administrative actions by talking to it.

Communication is rather simple:

# request
!grouprise user show alice

# response
Username: alice
Contributions: 403
Group memberships: 27
Latest contribution: 2021-07-12 15:02:33+00:00

This Matrix bot is not related to the matrix_chat feature of grouprise. The Matrix bot can either be an account on your local Matrix server or on any external Matrix homeserver somewhere else.

You should take care, that only trusted people (responsible for content maintenance of your grouprise instance) are in the same room as the bot.


Follow these steps:

  1. Generate a bot account and retrieve its access token:

    • In case you are running a local Matrix server for the matrix_chat feature:

      GROUPRISE_USER=root grouprisectl matrix_register_grouprise_bot --print-only --bot-username=grouprise-commander-bot
    • If you are not running a local Matrix server, you may just register an account on any Matrix server and retrieve this account’s access token (e.g. in the element web client below Profile -> Help and About).

  2. Invite the bot ( into a new matrix room (e.g. via the element web client)

  3. Create the matrix-commander configuration (e.g. /etc/grouprise/conf.d/300-matrix_commander.yaml):

            enabled: true
            bot_id: ""
            bot_access_token: "ACCESS_TOKEN_GENERATED_ABOVE"
                    - "!"
    • The room ID (see above admin_rooms) can be found in the Room Settings within the Advanced tab.
  4. Try to run the bot manually (with verbose logging; stop it via CTRL-C):

    grouprisectl matrix_commander --log-level info
  5. enable and start the service:

    # systemd
    systemctl enable grouprise-matrix-commander
    systemctl start grouprise-matrix-commander
    # sysvinit
    update-rc.d grouprise-matrix-commander defaults
    service grouprise-matrix-commander start


Whenever you want to talk to the matrix-commander bot, you need to start the message with one of the supported prefixes:

  • generic command prefix: !grouprise help
  • the bot’s Matrix ID (optionally followed by a colon):
  • local part of the bot’s Matrix ID (optionally followed by a colon): grourise-commander-bot

The Matrix ID of the bot can be easily entered by relying on the auto-completion feature of your Matrix client (e.g. typing gro followed by the tabulator key).

All available actions of the bot are explained in the output of the help command:

!grouprise help