The web-based django-admin interface allows the direct manipulation of database content.

This approach can be a bit cumbersome, since you are working on a database-level. But it allows to manipulate everything and relies on an approachable web interface.

Register an administrative account

You can create a privileged account on the grouprise host:

grouprisectl createsuperuser

This account can be used for accessing the django-admin web interface. But you should never use it for browsing the normal grouprise user interface, since many interface widgets will look weird and confusing (due to the lack of permission handling).

Access the django-admin web interface

The django-admin web interface is accessible below /stadt/admin/ in your grouprise website.

It is advisable to use a sandbox environment (e.g. a private or incognito browser window), in order to to not confuse it with your regular grouprise user account.