Grouprise 4.4.0

Release date: 2021-11-14

Calendar Events

Ongoing events (starting in the past and ending in the future) were previously not displayed in the calendar. Now these are displayed along with the relative time of the event‘s starting time. This should improve the visualization of slightly longer events (lasting a few hours or days). But it may be necessary to adjust this feature, if events lasting multiple weeks start to appear.


Database „postgis“

It is now possible to specify postgis (a spatial database extension) as a database engine in grouprise‘s configuration. This can be useful for applications extending grouprise. Previously it was necessary to resort to the raw django configuration (via extra_django_settings_filenames).

Cache setup

It is now possible to specify the cache setup for Django in grouprise‘s configuration file. See the cache_storage directive.

Matrix Chat

Public Listener Room

It is now possible to specify a list of Matrix rooms via the public_listener_rooms configuration directive. These Matrix rooms will receive announcements for new public content.

Notifications for Private Messages

Users will now receive notifications, when they receive a direct message from another user. These notifications will be sent to a separate Matrix room, which is created automatically.