Grouprise 3.0

Release date: 2020-08-12

Name change

The application was renamed from stadtgestalten to grouprise in order to widen its scope (being used for non-german deployments). The interface is still focussed on German texts for now. The script for managing a local instance is now called grouprisectl instead of stadtctl.

Branding options

Site-specific style options are now configurable (instead of overwriting or injecting CSS files). See Configuration.


A list of unread messages is now available.

Mail handling

  • Add support for LMTP-based mail reception. This improves the handling of incoming emails (e.g. for CC and BCC delivery) and reduces the amount of backscatter caused by spam. See Mail Setup for details.
  • Preserve timestamps of incoming emails: previously the timestamp of processing was used instead of the timestamp of sending a mail.


  • The group tags are lost during the upgrade from 2.x to 3.x (see #694). Since grouprise v3.1.1 these tags can be restored from a database backup created before the upgrade: grouprisectl restore_tags DATABASE_DUMP_FILE.