Database Management

Move to a different database or engine

Use cases:

  • move to a different database storage (e.g. provided by a different database host)
  • change the database engine (e.g. from SQLite to PostgreSQL)


  1. stop the running grouprise service (e.g. service uwsgi stop)
  2. dump the current database in a database-neutral format: stadtctl dumpdata --natural-primary --natural-foreign --exclude sessions --exclude admin.logentry --exclude contenttypes.contenttype --exclude auth.permission >grouprise-export.json
  3. change the database settings in /etc/grouprise/ (see
  4. create new database (see Database Initialization)
  5. populate the database structure: stadtctl migrate
  6. load the export data: stadtctl loaddata --format=json - <grouprise-export.json
  7. start the grouprise service (e.g. service uwsgi start)