Managing grouprise settings

Configuration files

Grouprise is configured via yaml-based configuration files.

The content of these files is parsed and transferred into Django settings. This simplifies the access to settings from within the Django-based application code.


Within the grouprise code settings are usually accessed like this:

from grouprise.core.settings import CORE_SETTINGS


Most settings are available in CORE_SETTINGS. In addition there are also app-specific dictionaries (e.g. see grouprise/features/matrix_chat/

Modify available settings

In order to change existing settings or add new ones, the following steps are recommended:

  1. configure the setting processing in grouprise/

  2. expose the setting in the corresponding grouprise app

    • e.g. grouprise/core/ or grouprise/features/*/

  3. add tests for configuration handling in grouprise/

    • only relevant for non-trivial settings

  4. document the setting in docs/administration/configuration/

  5. mention the setting in the upcoming release notes (below docs/releases/)

Debug processing of settings

Dump the parsed content of all yaml-based configuration files:

grouprisectl grouprise_settings dump

Dump the effective Django settings (after parsing and processing):

grouprisectl grouprise_settings dump-django